Employment call for experts for the needs of the “Irrigation Programme North Macedonia”

08.02.2024 09:45:00

Background of the Project/Programme

North Macedonia has set itself the goal of extending modern irrigation systems. The plan of the Government is to irrigate an additional 25,000 ha of land over the next 15-20 years. Since 2001 KfW has been supporting North Macedonia in its efforts to rehabilitate the existing and develop new irrigation structures.

The “Irrigation Programme North Macedonia” (IPNM) focuses on the lower Vardar River basin as one of the most productive agricultural areas. The aim is to sustainably increase agricultural production by making water resources more available and more efficient. This will also help to improve living conditions for the rural population. Help is also being provided to increase employment and make agriculture resilient to climate change.

The Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Water Economy (MAFWE) is responsible for the implementation of the Programme. For that purpose MAFWE is in the process of establishing a Programme Implementation Unit (PIU). The IPNM will focus on the Investments in irrigation Infrastructure and on the institutional support of the affected farmers in these irrigation schemes, in particular on irrigation techniques and efficient water usage, crops selection and marketing so at that in the end of the day the agricultural products find their place on the market.

The intention is that IPNM shall invest in up to app. 13.000 ha and will include up to 4 components in the same river basin thus covering large part of the Vardar River lower river basin:

Straishte irrigation scheme (1700 ha) aims at completing Valandovo irrigation area;

Lisiche Irrigation scheme (app. 3000 ha) is a new irrigation system which will use the excess of water from the Lisiche dam and provide water to the farmers;

Pepelishte irrigation scheme (app. 3000 ha) will focus on the reconstruction of this existing irrigation system;

Konsjko irrigation scheme (5500 ha) will use the water from the emerging Konjsko dam and will provide water for the farmers in the Municipalities of Gevgelija, Bogdanci and Dojran.

The Implementation of the Programme will be also supported by an “Implementation Consultant” employed by the MAFWE for the entire Programme period, whose responsibilities are agreed in the Contract for Implementation Consultant (basically engineering design and construction supervision services).

The principles for the implementation of the IPNM are to be found in the relevant agreements between KfW (Mandates by the German Government in the frames of the German Macedonian Financial Cooperation). Moreover, the Procurement processes will follow the latest Guidelines for Procurement of the KfW Development Bank.   

1. Specific information/background regarding the assignment

MAFWE is responsible for the implementation of the Programme and for that purpose is in the process of establishing a Programme Implementation Unit (PIU) which will be responsible for the entire programme and its components.

The PIU shall be responsible for (among other duties):

- The overall management and implementation of the Programme;

- Cost, time and quality management;

- Stakeholder management;

- Procurement and contract management including preparation of tenders and selection of contractors and suppliers for the implementation of project measures with support of the Implementation Consultant (the tenders are separated by components and possible works and supply lots and are awarded through international competitive bidding using FIDIC contract models);

- Organization of supervision, commissioning and approval of construction activities with support

of the Implementation Consultant;

- Claim management;

- Reporting and monitoring impacts of the Programme.

The PIU shall be supported by the Implementation Consultant in the fulfillment of their tasks. The Implementation Consultant is responsible for providing the following services in his role as FIDIC Engineer:

- Preliminary and detailed design and drafting the tender documents;

- Assistance during tendering;

- Supervision of construction works and supplies;

- Services during Defect Notification Period and project closure;

- ESHS related services;

- Support services for overall project management;

- Report on the above.

 2. Objective of this employment call for experts

The objective of this call is to hire experts which will responsibly implement the Programme in cooperation with the management of the PIU, the Implementation Consultant and MAFWE, and respecting the underlying guidelines of the Programme agreed between MAFWE and KfW. The following positions are required:

 - Engineer (up to 4)

 This staff will be responsible for the following general assignments:

 - Actively participate during the design phase of the irrigation systems

- Providing input in relation to FIDIC contracts;

- Revision of Tender documents prepared by the implementation consultant and participation in the evaluation committee for tenders;

- Approval of invoices, variation orders, withdrawal applications and payment certificates;

- All other responsibilities which arise from the contractual obligations of MAFWE towards KfW

Development Bank.

These PIU members will be financed out of the Loan funds and paid directly by MAFWE.

3. Scope of work

I. Position – Engineer (4 positions)

Position Description

Professional person with an educational background as engineer (Civil, Hydro and/or mechanical engineering) and sufficient practical work experience in planning, implementing and operating irrigation or water infrastructure systems preferably in North Macedonia or the Western Balkans region.

This expert shall preferably also have expertise in procurement, contract negotiation and good knowledge referring to FIDIC Red or Pink book contracts. Excellent command of English language is required.

This position is full-time. The main working place depends on the corresponding programme component.

Scope of Works

- Participation in preparing detailed time, cost, and financing schedule for the proper technical and financial implementation of the referred Projects in cooperation with the PIU and the Implementation Consultant;

- Review/check of the technical design documents;

- Review/check of the tender documentation (in accordance with FIDIC books, pink and red) for works and supplies;

- Participation in the monitoring the timely implementation of the works programme and quality of the works;

- Participation in monthly progress and other meetings, including site visits;

- Participation in equipment delivery inspections;

- Review/checking of progress reports, and other deliverables;

- Review of as-built documents;

- Provision of technical input in the preparation of project deliverables;

- Inspection of on-site activities;

- Preparing and submitting relevant reports upon request of MAFWE Minister, AWE Director or the PIU Director;

- Involving in the Project design and preparation of tender documents and negotiations with the contractors;

- Revision and approval of invoices, payment certificates


- University degree (min 240 ECTS or equivalent) in engineering - (Civil, Hydro or Mechanical Engineer);

- Minimum 8 (years) years of professional experience in water and/or irrigation infrastructure;

- Experience in implementation on similar projects in the same role will be considered as advantage;

- Full computer literacy especially with MS Office;

- Experience in working on international projects, will be considered as advantage;

- Other additional trainings (with provided certificates) in water infrastructure and experience in Occupational Health & Safety, especially related to Contractor’s Project Area Environmental and Social Management Plan (PA-ESMP) and ESHS Works Requirements as well as health and safety performance and conformance with labor and working condition standards in case of severe ESHS violations (and in particular OHS risks to life) will be considered as advantage;

- Ability to work as part of a team;

- Excellent interpersonal communication and time management skills;

- Demonstrated ability to work effectively under pressure of multiple tasks and deadlines;

- Strong analytical and problem solving skills in the sense of successful and timely project implementation;

- Excellent language skills (writing and speaking) in Macedonian and English;

- Driving license.

The selection method will be as follows:

The Commission for Evaluation of the PIU experts, formed by MAFWE, will prepare the list of shortlisted candidates. The filled complete evaluation matrix and the list of shortlisted candidates with their CV’s attached will be submitted to KfW for no objection.

The Commission for Evaluation of the PIU experts will organize the interviews with the shortlisted candidates. The KfW representative in Skopje will monitor the interviews as an observer.

The Commission for Evaluation of the PIU experts will prepare the list of selected candidates and submit it to KfW for no objection.

After receiving the no objection by KfW, MAFWE will sign contracts with the selected candidates following the approval of the final draft contracts by KfW.

The deadline for the submission of CV shall be 28 of February 2024.

The CV’s shall be submitted at the following address: komisija.kfv@mzsv.gov.mk



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